Hunt With Us!


All of our hunts include lodging and meals unless otherwise specified. Our properties are in south central Ohio. We hunt in Highland, Adams, and Scioto counties right in the middle of big buck country. We will do our best to make your hunt here with us a success; we have spent countless hours on these properties getting ready for your arrival to make sure you have every possible chance at a trophy class deer. We are here for you, to let you in on what we already know. We will make suggestions on where to hunt, when to hunt and every other aspect of the hunt, but it is ultimately up to you to follow through on our suggestions. We will not beg you to get up earlier, stay later, or try harder but we will give you every opportunity possible to harvest an animal. They are here, they are 100% wild, and If you get one you will have earned it. We will take you to and from the stand, we will be there to help track, drag and process your kill. We will help you as much or as little as possible, that is up to you. This is your hunt.

Lodging is on site in our farmhouse, it is not a 5 star resort but it is clean, warm and dry. Beds are bunk style beds. You will need to bring your own linens or sleeping bags, whichever you prefer, along with your own pillow, towels, and washcloths.
Breakfast will be continental style, cereal, pastries, fruit , etc.
Lunch will be sandwiches or other self serve items, they may be packed and taken with you or you can return to camp at lunch time, whatever you choose to do.
Supper will be a hearty cooked meal, most likely something grilled and fixin’s.
* It is very important that if you have any special needs or allergies regarding your diet that you let us know ahead of time.*

License and Tag:
Hunting license and tag are both available over the counter or online. The current price for these items are $125 for your license and $24 for an either sex whitetail non-resident hunter. We are hunting only trophy whitetail bucks here on our properties unless arrangements have been made ahead of time to take a doe. However, it’s always coyote season here on the TRA property, feel free to shoot them on sight.
Trophy Whitetail Pricing:
Early and late season bow runs the last week of September through the first three weeks of October, as well as after the first week in December.
Pre-rut and rut bow is the last week of October through the first three weeks of November.
Five day gun hunts start the last week in November or the first week in December, depending on upcoming season dates.
Two day weekend gun hunts, include Saturday and Sunday during gun season.
Two day youth gun season price includes both one youth hunter and one adult spectator.
Four day Late Muzzle-loader hunts are starting the first part of January, again depending on upcoming season dates.
Special Group Discount:
We have found that camp runs a lot smoother if everyone knows each other. For this reason, we offer a special discount to groups of four or more.
$300 dollars off of any hunt per person.
Do It Yourself on one of our properties:
From one to five people we have semi-guided, five days hunts with lodging included. No meals are included. You will do your own scouting, stand hanging, baiting, etc. You may hunt where you want within the property boundaries. Lodging is on site with plenty of room for up to five people to share the expenses.
$2500 to $3500 depending on the week.
Spring Wild Turkey:
Three day unguided hunts with lodging only, no meals included.
Three day guided hunts with lodging and meals included.


We’ve traveled to beautiful places, hunting everything from whitetail deer and turkey, to bow-fishing on the North Carolina coast, to hunting dangerous game on the plains of South Africa.  You can see some of our adventures in the gallery page.

This is just the beginning for us, and we’d love to have you along for the ride. The opportunities and options for a hunt with us  are endless. No matter where it is you may want to hunt, we can make it happen. Contact us now, and let us make your dream hunt come to life.